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Have you ever experienced a sewer back up in your home?  It’s not a fun experience! 

Backwater valves can prevent this from happening when the city main backs up.  The device gets installed under your basement floor right where your main sewer exits your home. When the city sewer starts to back up a flapper inside the device floats up and seals on an O-Ring and prevents that city main backup from entering your home.

Municipal Grants of $3000 For Your Backwater Valve

Upto $1500

Grants reimburse the costs of backwater valves and installations up to $1500.

Upto $3000

Homeowners inside flood hazard areas are eligible for up to $3000 in reimbursement, and an additional $150 for a manual valve. The extra $150 for a manual valve is only available if the backwater valve is installed.

See the link below For info From the RMWB:

RMWB Back Water Valve Grant Program
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Installation Process

Call First Plumbing can help make the process of getting your new backwater valve a breeze.  First, we will explain the process to you either by phone or in person.  Then we will visit your home and run our camera down your sewer line to find out exactly where the device needs to go.  Once we know exactly where it needs to be installed we can then give you a quote for the installation.  On the day of the installation, we will open the floor, install the valve on your sewer main, test it, and pour fresh concrete around the access cover. Once we are done we clean up and your home will be safe from the city sewer.

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